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Meet the Activated Executive Leadership Team


Founder & Managing Director of Activated Concepts
Accredited Social Worker
Academy of Clinical Educator
National Disability Insurance Scheme

Brad is the founder of Activated Concepts, a venture he initiated in 2019 after years of amassing expertise and experience. His journey spans a broad array of managerial and senior positions within both community services and health sectors. His distinguished collaborations, notably with NSW Police and the Dept. of Communities and Justice (DCJ), underscore his prowess in bridging various facets of community health and safety.

For over a decade, Brad has consistently employed a trauma-informed approach, addressing systemic barriers with a nuanced understanding and deep compassion. His commitment to fostering a person-centred philosophy remains unwavering.

Brad’s credentials are both impressive and extensive. He is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, an approved EMDR Therapist with EMDRAA, an approved NDIS Behavioural Practitioner (Specialist Level), and a current Conjoint Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle in the School of Medicine and Public Health. Brad is also a member of the Academy of Clinical Educators and a past member of the NSW Branch Management Committee of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Outside of his rigorous professional life, Brad finds solace and joy during weekends, often spending quality time with his family, enjoying the calming waves of the beach, or taking leisurely walks with his dogs.

At his core, Brad fervently believes in the power of genuine understanding, ensuring everyone is seen, heard, and facilitated towards recovery.


Manager - NDIS Clinical Services

Alisha has dedicated herself to the disability and care sectors since 2009, a commitment that has seen her don diverse roles ranging from direct support to providing specialist therapeutic interventions. Her dedication to this specialization remains as steadfast as ever.

Alisha’s connection to the disability sector is both professional and personal, fuelled by a desire for widespread inclusion and acceptance. This passion found an academic outlet when Alisha completed her Bachelor of Behavioural Studies in 2020, majoring in psychology and human development.  Alisha is an approved NDIS Behavioural Practitioner (Advanced Level).

As the Manager of NDIS Clinical Services at Activated Concepts, Alisha employs a blend of her academic knowledge, professional experience, and a trauma-informed perspective to create individualized clinical strategies for our participants.

Alisha’s weekends are marked by community-centric activities, often enjoyed with close-knit friends and family.

Alisha values genuine collaboration and authenticity with others through a trauma-informed perspective, always prioritizing an individualized approach.


Manager - Community & Living Services

Shannen is an integral pillar of the Activated Concepts’ Leadership Team and brings with her a rich tapestry of experiences spanning over half a decade, particularly in the disability and domestic violence sectors.

Shannen’s initial foray into the professional realm was rooted in customer service, where she showcased an exceptional ability to manage dynamic environments. This experience steered her towards her leading advocacy in disability and domestic violence sectors, recognizing a deeper calling.

As the Manager of Community and Living Services at Activated Concepts, Shannen embodies her role, integrating her vast experience, passion, and an intrinsic understanding of trauma-informed care.

Shannen’s weekends are a mix of rejuvenating activities, from workouts at the gym, serene moments at the beach, to heartwarming interactions with family and friends.

Shannen’s professional ethos revolves around forging holistic, empowering, and quality connections with all she is partnering with.


Manager - Mental Health Services

Freya is a highly distinguished Accredited Social Worker, that has charted an impressive course of providing clinical leadership at senior levels over the last decade in QLD Health and non-government agencies. 

Freya’s experience encompasses roles within Child Protection, Out of Home Care, therapeutic community involvement running groups based on CBT and DBT frameworks, and significant contributions to Alcohol and Drug Services.

As the Manager of Mental Health Services at Activated Concepts, Freya guides her team towards providing consistent, trauma-informed counselling, underpinned by values of integrity, humour, and honesty. Freya also has a particular passion for aiding those grappling with addictions, domestic violence challenges, and intergenerational trauma. Freya is particularly passionate, and applies her expertise, in partnering with First Nations communities.

During weekends, Freya’s penchant for soaking up the sun aligns perfectly with cherished family moments.

Freya’s professional mantra emphasizes trauma-informed, person-centred, and empowering individuals in their healing.


Manager - Compliance and Corporate Services

Jayde’s expertise in business administration management spans over a commendable decade. Before joining Activated Concepts, Jayde was instrumental in shaping core business practices at various other local community and professional organisations.  

As the Manager of Compliance and Corporate Services at Activated Concepts, Jayde uses her experience, organisational skills, and analytical skills to implement and maintain workplace practices that underscore Activated Concepts’ commitment to ‘excellence’.

Beyond her administrative acumen, Jayde is deeply involved in community services. Her current pursuit of Social Work studies mirrors her unwavering commitment to the community services sector and her commitment to professional development.

Off the professional grid, Jayde’s weekends are punctuated by creative escapades, time spent with friends, and a deep-seated passion for community welfare.

Jayde’s passion is to ensure that all participants and clients are supported by compliant administrative procedures and a welcoming environment.


Activated Concepts mission is to offer exceptional experiences for individuals, couples, families and organisations by providing trauma-informed and person-centred services including; therapeutic supports, comprehensive and holistic assessments, specialist clinical training, community engagement and more by partnering together.

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Activated Concepts has adopted a set of values to guide our behaviour:

Understanding 2.2

We understand beliefs, feelings, experiences and intentions to move flexibly between our own perspective and another.

Respect 1.2

We respect diverse views and opinions and act with integrity.

Wellbeing 2.2

We develop and provide a safe and supportive environment for all.

Excellence 2.2

We strive for quality and improvement in everything we do.

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